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Open Dental & DentalTek

Find out how DentalTek and Open Dental make

Practice Management Better Together

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Calling Made Fast and Easy…

with the Revolutionary DentalTek Solution. How?

DentalTek Open Dental in the cloud

Open Dental in the Cloud

DentalTek smart office phone integrates with Open Dental

Smart Office phone technology integrated into Open Dental

DentalTek Paperless Forms decrease no-shows

Paperless Forms that will decrease your no-shows

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DentalTek Reminders with email, text and voice

Reminders with email, text and VOICE capabilities

DentalTek – 4 Services 1 Cloud Solution

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Open Dental and DentalTek profile screen and caller id

How would you like to call patients with a single click straight from Open Dental?

DentalTek has partnered with Open Dental for seamless integration that allows you and your staff to click a phone number in the Open Dental practice management system and dial a patient


How would you like to see Open Dental integration that allows your patients’ profile information to be recognized instantly when a patient calls your office?

With the addition of DentalTek, the DentalTek system detects a patient on the inbound call and quickly pulls up that patient’s profile information. When a call comes in, the smart office phone recognizes the number and automatically displays the patient data on the phone and computer screen. You can easily access information such as patient notes, recommended treatment plans, scheduled appointments and outstanding balances. Your office staff will be better prepared to discuss any of these important items with your patient.