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DentalTek can be your total customized technology solution or just part of what you require to run your practice efficiently. We offer several key software innovations to fit the needs of the single dental practitioner to the large dental or specialty groups.

Whether you’re looking for the most advanced smart telephone system that integrates into your practice management system or want to learn more about how you can run your practice from anywhere in the world, DentalTek can provide leading-edge options.


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DentalTek offers a hybrid cloud solution that takes your current practice management software platform and integrates it into the cloud. The best part about it, there is no training needed or any conversion to get you on a new, unfamiliar software. Our platform makes your current infrastructure better and more efficient. This saves money on hardware costs since you won’t need to invest in a new server, or top of the line workstations and it decreases ongoing maintenance costs. This is important: Cloud software is always up to date, thus eliminating the need to get updates and run them on every single computer in your practice. Because your management system and other software programs are in the cloud, DentalTek can manage all your critical systems from a single source. Everything is easier and less expensive to maintain when you have one company that works with and is familiar with all your technology. Backups and Security are a big deal. But, Cloud based systems are always up to date, backed up and secure.

DentalTek Cloud Practice Management HostingCloud Practice Management Hosting

DentalTek Hosting


State-of-the-art hosting facilities and equipment
DentalTek Security and Privacy


Patient Information can be lost in many ways:

  • Hacking
  • Stolen Hardware
  • System/Hardware Failure

And if your data is breached, you are required by law to inform every single patient you’ve ever treated. You should be concerned. DentalTek’s Cloud based system is always secure, protecting you from lost or stolen patient information and it satisfies most HIPAA requirements.

DentalTek Backup Services


Automatically backed up in multiple locations
DentalTek IT


System does not require a local server or expensive workstations and reduces the need for local IT support

Smart Phone Technology

Our smart office phone is a voice over IP high tech system that saves money over traditional phone services. It fully integrates with your existing practice management software and makes scheduling easier and more efficient. When a call comes in, the smart office phone recognizes the number and automatically displays the patient data on the phone and computer screen. You can easily access information such as patient notes, recommended treatment plans, scheduled appointments and outstanding balances. Your office staff will be better prepared to discuss any of these important items with your patient.

Meet your Smart Office Phone:

VOIP High-tech state-of-the-art phones save money over traditional phone services

Practice Management Software system integration:

Automatically displays patient information, eliminates searching for information on multiple screens, creates a “Call Center” capability to a single doctor’s office, and makes scheduling easier and more efficient for the office staff.

Easy to use web-based phone system configuration: Consistent caller-ID on outgoing calls from multiple phones, control over all routing to multiple locations, and portability of phones to multiple locations.

E-Fax service included.

Patient Reminders

While reminders are not new to dental offices, this one is unique. Most reminder programs offer only text and email in their basic package and voice calls costs extra.  With DentalTek, you get the full package of text, email and voice for no additional fee. It is integrated into your practice management software and text messages can be personalized. The system integrates into DentalTek’s paperless forms service which automatically sends reminders to patients for required or uncompleted forms. Since this service is part of DentalTek’s bundle pricing, you can save money by eliminating your current reminder software.

Unique Features Over the Competition

Includes voice reminders in addition to email and text reminders at NO additional cost, unlike our competitors that charge more for the voice reminder function.

Once again, the huge benefit with DentalTek is that this Reminder Service is integrated into the cloud-based management system. The complete integration eliminates manual confirmations by your office staff and expands the capability of messaging personalized text messages to subjects beyond just blast texts.

The reality is that most of our competitors are not able to connect your management system with any personal text messaging platform, therefore your staff is forced to use a cumbersome additional service.

And there’s more… With DentalTek’s Reminder Service, you get integration into the patient form process as well. You will be able to automatically send reminders to patients to complete forms which eliminates the need for staff to waste time calling to remind patients.

Paperless Forms

Dental Cloud Services also include paperless forms which have two primary advantages. First, it eliminates paper transactions, which saves you time and money.  Electronic data is easily accessible and much faster. Second, it provides your office greater legal protection by tracking all the necessary forms and patient information, keeping your office HIPAA compliant. This is done by automatically alerting your staff to patients whose legally required forms are not up-to-date. This service can send a welcome email along with all the necessary forms. When prospective patients complete new patient forms, it has historically proven to decreases the number of no-shows. The system can also be used for staff and employee information.

Eliminates Paper

DentalTek Forms eliminate paper With our Paperless forms, you save money and time by eliminating paper transactions. The data is more accessible and information is easily retrieved and searchable. Legal Protection includes the ability to track missing patient forms and informing the staff of legally required patient information. For the doctor, there is proof that he/she has the best health information for each patient. If you are one of the many service providers frustrated by no-shows, the Welcome email, which is included as part of the Paperless Forms Service, can decrease the number of no-shows when the forms are completed electronically prior to an appointment. Patient Forms are required to be updated. With our system, you get automated form updating. Your staff can designate how often forms are updated and guarantee that forms are always current.