Turn Your Practice into a Business

DentalTek is a powerful cloud based technology that fully integrates with existing practice management software to make dental practices more efficient, increase revenue and provide additional security, privacy and legal protection.


Who is DentalTek – A Leading Dental Cloud Based Solution and the ONLY one with 5 Services in One Cloud Super System.

What is DentalTek – A Software Innovation bringing the Cloud to your Practice with state-of-the-art Technology, High Security and Cost Savings/Benefits without any Conversion!

Why You Have to Have DentalTek – You Can’t Afford to Do Business without this Revolutionary Suite of Products.

  • DentalTek will free you from the constraints of your practice management software without conversions or downtime.
  • DentalTek will provide HIPAA Compliance, Security, Stability and Backups.
  • DentalTek will save on IT Costs, Phone Costs, and Increase your Bottom Line.
  • DentalTek will Integrate your Practice.
  • DentalTek will turn your dental practice into a business.