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“Cloud computing offers individuals access to data and applications from nearly any point of access to the Internet, offers businesses a whole new way to cut costs for technical infrastructure and creates new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”
Michael Dell

Founder, Dell Computer

That job that customers/patients want done is often not getting done because you and your staff are bogged down by the one system you need to run your practice. You need and want the Cloud!

Who is DentalTek and how can we help?

We have assembled the right team with the right dental industry and technology credentials to offer dentists nationwide; the tools they need to succeed; the Cloud-based technology they need to enable their hard working staff to do their jobs more successfully. 5 innovative technologies in 1 Cloud based solution.

We encourage you to take time to read through our products and our additional discounted services exclusively for DentalTek members.

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The creators of DentalTek are all dental industry insiders with countless years of expertise in the field.

The inception of DentalTek began with the mission to fill a void we saw in the industry for technological advances in software that would increase practice production and profitability AND cut out the brain damage faced by many dentists.

How to do this?  Elevate every practice to the Cloud. Allow dentists and their staff to be freed from the confines of traditional practice management software.

The lofty goal started with the intent to create a practice management system in the Cloud that would give dentists the tools to run their practice as a business from anywhere in the world. Through our development and through our visits with countless dentists, we quickly realized that the Cloud was very important to you, but you feared the transition to a new management system.

DentalTek listened, and our expert team went to work on the BEST solution. That solution was to allow every dental office world-wide to harness the advances and advantages of the Cloud without having to be concerned about re-training and long learning curves involved in converting to a new practice management software program.

The Cloud is now HERE for everyone.

DentalTek has innovated proprietary software that allows us to take your current practice management software and put it in the Cloud. You get all the benefits of Cloud based computing within the infrastructure of your current platform.

And we didn’t stop there. With DentalTek, you get 5 Cloud technologies in 1 revolutionary solution.

Dentists said to us, “I need a phone system that is integrated and that helps my staff do their jobs.”

Welcome DentalTek’s exclusive Office Smart Phone which is way more than just a phone. With our technology, your phone and office computers communicate to greatly improve your office production. And with the addition of our innovative Rapid Call Technology, our system enables your staff to be 3 times more effective in less time, giving your team the upper hand in communicating with patients.

Then we said ,“let’s innovate one more important component of the puzzle.” Paperless integrated forms — so all information starts electronically and is easy to track.

Our #1 guiding principle is to always be on the leading-edge of fresh, new, relevant products providing Dentists with value added solutions.

DentalTek will turn your Practice into a Business.

Please take the time to read through our website. If you’d like a free demonstration of what this revolutionary 5 In 1 Cloud based software system can do for your practice, give us a call today to schedule a one-on-one information session.

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