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Businesses across the country are moving to

the Cloud, and dentistry is no different.

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    The ability to work remotely, with the added security benefits, makes the Cloud the next wave of “must have” technology. Now there is an easy, effective way to have your Open Dental in the Cloud.

    DentalTek provides a safe, HIPAA compliant environment for your patient data, giving you and your staff instant access from anywhere in the world.

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    Multiple Automatic Backups

    Using DentalTek’s cloud platform keeps your patient data backed-up in real time and
    monitored in multiple locations to provide triple redundancy:

    Open Dental multiple automatic backups+  The DentalTek server is housed in a secure, state-of-the-art hosting facility where patient information is backed-up.
    +  There is complete redundancy within the data center with failover servers in place.
    +  All data is mirrored to another hosting facility in a different state to protect against any natural disasters.

    There is no more worrying about backing-up your data, DentalTek takes care of it all for you!

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    Centralized Database

    Whether you’re a single or multiple location practice, cloud hosting makes it easy to access your patient data over the internet.

    DentalTek allows users to:Centralized database

    Log into Open Dental without having to use remote access applications.
    >  Practices with a Call Center can quickly schedule patients in Open Dental instead of first logging into each office separately to reach the schedule.
    >  Remote billing companies can also reach your office’s database easily over the Internet the same way your staff does.

    With Open Dental residing on DentalTek servers and accessed using a browser, you can quickly and easily scale up as your practice grows.

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    Added Layer of IT Management


    Added layer of IT managementDentalTek’s cloud platform allows practices to get Managed IT on a data center level. We provide added protection against viruses, ransom ware, spyware, and hacker intrusions. A team of IT personnel is engaged in comprehensive monitoring against any malicious threats and using traffic analysis to contain and diffuse potential hackers.

    The DentalTek team also takes care of updating Open Dental so you always have access to the latest features and enhancements.

    Your data is your data icon

    Your Data is Your Data


    Your data is your dataDentalTek never takes ownership or control over your patient data. Your data always remains yours and you always have access to it. Easily download all your data at any time, and at no cost. If after moving to the DentalTek cloud platform you decide it’s not for you, we will easily move you back to your local server with no hassle and no conversion.

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    “We love the cloud based software. I can work from home or just check in as needed. For a Doctor this is especially awesome for on call messages. Being able to look up patient files prior to calling a patient has been very helpful for our doctor.”
    — Maryann Smith, Renew

    “There just aren’t any other hosting companies out there that are in the Dental Space and know Dentistry like DentalTek. Their support and knowledge in the Dental Industry gave us a lot of comfort in choosing them to host our practice management software.”
    — Dr. Nath, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

    “We chose DentalTek because their cloud hosting fit our requirements for reliability. Security is their top priority”

    DentalTek’s customer service is phenominal! If there are any issues DentalTek is on it right away, they have a great team for trouble shooting.”

    “DentalTek is the only company where you can bring to them what you have and they will find a way to make it work. DentalTek is not afraid to jump into an area they are not familiar with to solve a problem.”

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    Open Dental is a powerful, versatile, and affordable dental practice management solution designed for any specialty, and scalable for any practice size. It is interoperable with imaging, clearinghouse and many other software programs. Reach patients in the most effective way with eServices like texting, automated recall and appointment reminders, web scheduling and much more. Open Dental streamlines and automates time-consuming tasks and keeps the focus on patient care.

    DentalTek is proud to team up with Open Dental to provide valuable services to its users.

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